Important Note
The submission of paper is already closed. For further enquiries, please contact the conference secretariat at

The paper submission process is set out below. Speakers whose presentations are accepted are invited to present during the 2018 AAC in September 2018. Presenters are expected to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Presenters are also expected to pay the conference fee if they intend to attend sessions other than the session they present.

SCOR ACTUARIAL AWARD IN ASIA - 2018 All accepted full length papers (no more than ten thousand words excluding tables, exhibits and appendices) will be eligible for considerations for the “SCOR Actuarial Award in Asia – 2018” of US$5,000, proudly sponsored by SCOR Group. The winner will be selected using criteria that include the command of actuarial concepts, the quality of the analysis instruments used, the clarity and the insightfulness in communication as well as the potential practical application of the topic in the insurance world. The winner will be announced during the closing ceremony of 2018 AAC.

SUBMISSION PROCESS All submissions must be made online and should be in English, including biography, outlines and presentation slides/paper.

The presentations/papers will be published on the 2018 AAC website and mobile app at a later date. By submitting the slides to the 2018 AAC, presenters will be deemed to have given permission to publish their presentations.

Submission including the outline of your presentation/paper and personal biography as follows:

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(in jpg format)
Name :
Work experience: Please provide an outline of your background and relevant work experience.
Summary outline of presentation/paper
Title of presentation: Add the title of the presentation
Core discipline: Please refer to below "Core Disciplines of Topics"
Summary of presentation: Please provide a brief outline of the topic including the linkage to the conference theme of “Redefining the New Insurance World”.
Detailed outline of presentation: Please provide a detailed outline of the presentation. This could be either in text format or in presentation format.
Level of technical details: Please specify the level of technical details (1 to 5, 1 being light and 5 being very technical).
Length of presentation: Typical presentation session will be of 45-minute duration (including Q&A).
Recent public presentation of this title: Please provide details (date and audience) if this presentation has been conducted/published before.

Activity Important Dates Actions
Expression of interest Extended to
30 April 2018
Submit the following:
- Biography
- Summary outline of presentation
- Detailed outline of the presentation (either in traditional text format or in presentation format)
Paper acceptance May 2018 Accepted presenters will be notified and a standard file in presentation format will be provided
First draft submission 23 July 2018 Draft presentation slides to be submitted
The ASHK may revert with comments, if any, in the following weeks.
Final submission 24 August 2018 Submit the following:
- Final presentation
- Updated biography

  1. Life insurance
  2. Property & casualty (i.e. Non-life or general insurance)
  3. Health insurance
  4. Pension, employee benefits and social security
  5. Reinsurance
  6. Risk, capital and value
  7. Innovations (e.g. in terms of products, markets, customers and distribution)
  8. Data, analytics, model applications and technology
  9. Regulating insurance industry (e.g. international accounting and solvency standards development)
  10. Future of the actuary
  11. Environmental, climatic changes
  12. Professionalism, ethics & values